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Just Let Her Be….

Once you get married, your life changes and then when you slowly adjust yourself to this new life, New tag, New responsibilities, you put yourself on the backseat a lot of times. (Well actually most of the times). The once carefree girl is now someone’s wife. And then life takes a new route altogether when…

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I have grown up listening to stories about the other side of the border. My grandparents were refugees who were directly affected by the partition. My grandfather lost his brothers and sisters whom he never met again. It used to be a bedtime ritual for us to listen to all those stories, how they lived…

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Second Time Around

The beautiful feeling of life stirring inside your body cannot be explained in words. The first time your test kit shows 2 pink lines, the joy is immense. The joy of being a mother is a blessing from the heavens above. But are all these feelings same for the second time moms too? First time…

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