Just Let Her Be….

August 13, 2020 1 By myflavoursomelife

Once you get married, your life changes and then when you slowly adjust yourself to this new life, New tag, New responsibilities, you put yourself on the backseat a lot of times. (Well actually most of the times). The once carefree girl is now someone’s wife.

And then life takes a new route altogether when you become a parent- a mother. When you bring a new life in this world, you love this gift over and above everyone else. This little bundle of joy becomes the centre of your universe. Sleepless nights. Tiresome days. The once carefree girl is now girl is now a new learning mother. 

Learning each day, learning each hour and learning in each passing moment. And again she puts herself on the backseat. The apple of her eye means the world to her. She puts her baby above her own self, Her hobbies, her interests, her desires and even her own health. She does get little help from the family and the Husband supports too but there are things only a mother can do. Her stitches hurt, her body is changing, she has stretch marks that mark this new milestone. She has gained weight which refuses to go. The once carefree girl is today loathing herself.

Tears well up in eyes when she sits all night to nurse her child. Her sleep is just a dream. Her back hurts and and so does her head. All she wants is sometime for herself, without being judged. She wants to sleep for an hour more. She wants to be alone for sometime. She wants to pick up a book and read all day. She wants a massage done to relax her mind and stressed out body. She needs to go out with her friends for sometime or simply sit in the balcony, sip coffee and watch the clouds but she cannot. The once carefree girl is now afraid of being judged all the time.

Somebody needs to tell her that it’s okay to go wrong. It’s okay to not understand anything. It’s really okay. She will learn as everyone does. No one is perfect. No one is flawless. She needs to hear that someone’s got her back. She is overwhelmed with emotions. Remember her body is changing. Post Partum is difficult. All she needs is to calm down and always remember that this is a phase and this too shall pass. The once carefree girl thinks this will stay like this forever

All she needs is a break. A break for sometime from all the duties and responsibilities won’t make her a bad mother. It wouldn’t mean that she loves her baby any less. It is important that she takes the charge of her life. Comes to the front seat every once in a while and feel good about it. This break will only make the once carefree girl come back to life and fall in love with her own self once again.

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