Amma Take Me To Dargah Of Salim Chishti ~ Bhakti Mathur

August 13, 2020 51 By myflavoursomelife

I am a hardcore Indian history buff. There is so much in Indian History, which, if you go in deep details will leave you amazed. Be it the architecture, the maze like buildings which are still standing tall, the beautiful gardens or simple whims and fancies of the Emperors and the Royalties.

Being a history lover, especially of the Mughal era from Emperor Akbar to Emperor Aurangzeb. I have always wondered if Mishkaa will ever take a liking for this subject, which interests me the most. We have taken her to most of these monuments, but I always felt she was too small to appreciate the beauty and understand the stories behind them.

Recently, I got this book “Amma, Take me to the Dargah of Salim Chishti by @bhaktimathur98 in my mail and my excitement knew no bounds. I quickly read it even before showing it to Mishkaa and then I was very sure that Mishkaa will love it too. And just as expected, Mishkaa took a sudden liking for it and we completed this in 2 days with Mishkaa wanting to know more. She asked many questions and I answered them all, not realising we were almost an hour over bed time.
@bhaktimathur98 the history bug has bit Mishkaa and I am so glad.

The famous story of Saint Salim Chishti, the ordeal of Emperor Akbar of not having an heir, birth of Prince Salim and the foundation of Fatehpur Sikri has been so beautifully narrated.

And just as we completed the book, Mishkaa went up to Daddy Dearest and said, “Papa, I really want to go to The Dargah of Salim Chishti, please take me there.” Yayy!!! And a happy Mumma SMILED.

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